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Sutherland timber is a family owned and operated company located in Kaiapoi, just 20 minutes north of Christchurch.

Established in the Happy Valley, Tuatapere over 100 years ago, Sutherland timber has vast knowledge and expertise within the sawmilling industry and continues to grow and develop.

The company has an annual output of 20,000m3 Of Douglas Fir and Pinus Radiata and supplies markets in Asia, Australia, America and New Zealand.

Sutherland timber has a strong in house management team with a vast array of skills.

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Our Products

Sutherland Timber produces quality New Zealand Radiata and Oregon products suitable for the domestic and international markets.

Our logs are all locally sourced and milled on the one site in Kaiapoi.

Douglas FIR is a product preferred for its strength, stability and stiffness, Douglas Fir stands out as a top performer as well as offering natural moisture resistance and treated or untreated building options.

Radiata pine is native to the central coast of California but is widely planted in Australia and New Zealand. It makes up 28% of Tasmania's timber plantations and is popular in all types of construction and decorative uses.


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Sawmilling Process

Here at Sutherland Timber our Sawmilling process consists of the following:

  • A Log Yard for sorting, grading and storing logs.
  • A Morbark 636 Rosser Head De-barker for peeling logs fit for the sawmilling process.
  • We run a Bandsaw Carriage Mill, a 60” Isles forge Bandsaw with a Southern Cross 3 knee carriage and a CM&E slabber.
  • From here the flitchers go through a Salem 4 saw Edger through to the run over docking system where anything that needs to be re-cut goes back to the re-saw - another 60” Isles forge rig.
  • Anti-sap treatment and sorting happens at the round table.
  • All log residues – sawdust, bark and chip – are sold for landscaping, fuel or further processing proving the industry reuses as much product as it can.

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