Sawmilling Process

How we do it

Here at Sutherland Timber our Sawmilling process consists of the following:

  • A Log Yard for sorting, grading and storing logs.
  • A Morbark 636 Rosser Head De-barker for peeling logs fit for the sawmilling process.
  • We run a Bandsaw Carriage Mill, a 60” Isles forge Bandsaw with a Southern Cross 3 knee carriage and a CM&E slabber.
  • From here the flitchers go through a Sherman 6 inch 4 saw optimising board Edger through to the run over docking system. This is where anything that needs to be re-cut goes back to the re-saw - another 60” Isles forge rig.
  • Anti-sap treatment and sorting or sizes and grades happens at the round table.
  • From the Round table the timber then goes onto the sort line for filleting before it goes off to the kilns for drying.
  • All log residues – sawdust, bark and chip – are sold for landscaping, fuel or further processing proving the industry reuses as much product as it can.

Drying Process

How we dry it

  • Sutherland Timber recycles dry shavings from the planer process to fuel the 4.25 megawatt boiler which provides heat to the three kilns. 
  • We have 3 medium temperature kilns:
    • 1 x 12m Foggarty
    • 1 x 12m Windsor
    • 1 x 6m Mahil


Processing and Resizing

How we process it

  • We have a dry shed/planer mill on-site.
  • All framing timber is processed through our hydromat 30 Planer with auto indeed and outfeed capable of up to 100m per minute.
  • Cutting and resizing can also be done through our twin stunner resaw 


Treatment Plant

How we treat it

  • Our Treatment Plant is 13.6 metre 1500 diameter tube with Boron treatment for H1.2 and CCA for H3.2, H4 and H5 levels.
  • We use rain water and kiln condensate where possible to supply water to the plant

Dispatch and Delivery

How we deliver it

  • Delivery South Island wide
  • With a range of customers, domestic and international, we have engaged some key partners for on time delivery.
  • South Island deliveries are possible via our own truck
  • Our products are wrapped for dispatch